About Us – Who we are, why we made this site.

You really want to know about us? I’m flattered!

Well, here’s our story. I began working in the landscaping industry way back in 1985 as a bottom-rung grunt laborer. If there was a garbage job that needed to be done, I was the guy that did it. I tried to work hard and learn as I worked. Working for a company that wanted to make it’s move to become a player in the hardscape arena in that market, I learned about installing and cutting brick from a foreman who’d been around pavers for a long while. Back then we used the now seldom-seen guillotine-style splitter. You know, place the brick in, crank-crank the blade down, then snap it quick. It made fast cuts, but precision left a lot to be desired.


Next I tried a carbon blade in my 7 ½” circular saw. That lasted about 3 days – too time consuming, not to mention it trashed the saw. So on a flyer I laid down $750 for a Stihl TS400 cutoff saw. It was small, light and powerful and held out the promise of cutting my production times. I still wasn’t on board yet with diamond blades – they were $250+ a pop from the only supplier I knew of in the area, and I just couldn’t justify spending that kind of money on a saw blade. So I’d buy stacks of 14″ carbon blades at $6 apiece, spending time after every 30 minutes of cutting, replacing the blade.

But then just like the saw, one day I got tired of wasting time and stuck some money into a good diamond blade. Now we’ll only use the carbon ones to cut pieces of metal, and that’s only if we happen to be at the shop when the need presents itself. Otherwise we use that diamond blade to cut everything.


Back to the saw – we started using these saws exclusively on all of our paver projects and never looked back. We’ve used a few different brands, and have had varying levels of success and failure. At this writing we’re running two tub saws (Target and Clipper) and four cutoff saws (Partner and Stihl) daily. It’s through the years I’ve spent with my hands on the saws that I write the saw reviews on this site, and the information presented to help you cut more, better, faster and safer. I hope you find it of use.