Landscape Contractor Cuts Channels in Weir Stone, Client Eats Crow – 12/8/2005

We got a little vindication on the project I mentioned in our last article about cutting channels in weir stones with our brick saws.At the time the client had quipped that the channels we had cut would not be enough to direct the flow of a garden hose (and we would be hooking up two 10,000 gph monster pumps for this pond, quite a bit more than a garden hose).

I tried to calmly explain that the channels were not intended to direct all of the water flow, but they would help to ensure that where he (the client) had wanted to see water splashing over these stones, there would be water splashing. Without the channels the water would go wherever it wanted. It might look fine, it might look terrible. The channels would help guarantee success. In short, he didn’t believe me.

Well, we got some much-needed vindication when the pumps were brought to life and the waterfall started crashing. Roughly 70% of the falling water was directed by our shallow little channels cut by our brick saws! Up your butt, Jobu!