Pants Battle Concrete Saw, Lose – 5/17/2005

I’ve always thought it was a little inaccurate to call these machines a “saw”; after all, it’s really more like a very narrow grinding wheel. For example, today I was removing a piece of patterned limestone from a walkway we had installed last year, because we had mistakenly put the piece straddling a seam in the concrete slab below. The result was a cracked piece of stone. So I was using our Partner K650 concrete saw to cut through the mortar around this piece, then hit it with a hammer drill to break the stone out. While I was moving from one spot to another and changing my grip on the running saw, it grazed my leg. Thankfully I had my keys in my pocket, and they stopped the blade from cutting into my leg. But they didn’t prevent the saw from ripping a hole in my pants (see below). The good part of all this and the reason I question calling it a saw, is because had this been a 7 1/4″ circular saw, I’d probably be in the hospital, the blade having ripped through my pants and keys and into my leg. But because it’s just a gas-powered, brick-cutting grinding wheel, it cut my pants, nicked up my leatherman micra, and spilled a few coins onto the stone walk.