Buying a Cutoff Saw Online

When you’re considering buying a cutoff saw online, you’ve pretty much got 4 options when it comes time to lay your money down (see below). The first two shouldn’t present any problems for anyone; it’s the last two I want to talk about.

  • Buy the saw from a construction supply store. The saw will either be new, or it’ll be a used rental unit (and if they are selling a rental unit, despite all the tools available to them to repair the thing, then you should probably pass).
  • Buy a used saw from someone else in the construction business. Follow my guide to buying a used brick saw when looking the saw over before you buy and you’ll be fine.
  • Buy the cutoff saw new from an online dealer. You should know what to look for in online dealers to keep your credit information as secure as possible, and to be sure you’re dealing with a reputable company.
  • Buy a new or used saw through an auction site like eBay. I’ve been watching eBay like a hawk the past few weeks and am frustrated with the mistakes people are making in their bidding. I’ll walk you through what to look for in a seller, and how to successfully bid for a saw. I’ll also give you some examples of the ending prices of auctions for several saw brands and models, so you know the price ballpark you should be playing in.

Happy cutoff saw hunting!