Price Guide for Final Bid Prices on Cutoff Saws on eBay

We’ve already talked about how to go about bidding in an online auction (linky). Now I want to give you some observational notes I’ve made on the final bid prices for cutoff saw auctions. This isn’t scientific, it’s just the notes I’ve taken when tracking the prices of various brands of saws in various conditions.

Below you’ll find my notes for each of several saw auctions I was watching. Keep in mind that for eBay auctions, the length of time a seller has been a member and their established reputation (as measured by their feedback score) play a role in the final price for a saw. A more trusted seller with a longer track record is going to tend to get a higher price for his stuff than a new seller with no feedback at all.

After the notes you’ll find some general guidelines I follow if I’m going to bid on a saw

  • Stihl TS400 NIB, 14”. 15 bids – $735
  • Stihl TS 400 14”, well used, $286.54, 14 bids
  • Stihl TS 400 14”, 18 bids, $320, used, included new diamond blade
  • Stihl TS 400 14”, $264.99, 13 bids. Used but in working condition


  • Partner K700 14” , used, in working order, $248.48, 4 bids
  • Partner K700 14”, from same seller as above, $199.95, 1 bid. Listing mentioned loose handle.
  • Partner K950 ring saw, used, with blade, seller set min bid at $1699.99, got no bids
  • K650, $360.01, 5 bids, used but running
  • Partner K700 14”– Used, looks pretty rough, listed as “runs, but poorly – possible crank seals” – $51
  • K700, w/ daimond blade, 14” $445, 27 bids, used but near new
  • K700 14” NIB, listed at $650, 0 bids, w/ diamond blade
  • 2 DOA K1250’s, $177.50, 10 bids


  • WACKER BTS 1035 14″ Used, does not run. $116.49
  • WACKER BTS 1035 L3 14in – $685
  • WACKER BTS 1035 14″ – Used, good working condition – $207.50
  • WACKER BTS 1035 14”. $345 – 20 bids – used, in good condition


  • MAKITA 14″ Power Cutter DPC-7311 NIB (New In Box) – $455
  • Makita 7301 14” $237.50, 14 bids, DB, used
  • Makita 6200 157.50, 8 bids, 12”, used


  • DOLMAR PC6412 12″$232.50, 4 bids, used, good cond


  • HILTI DSKC62 14INCH – Used, very good condition – $300.05


  • HUSQVARNA 272K 14 bids, $71, used, not running

When looking at an auction and the items included with the saw, I don’t give more than $50-$75 in added value for a new diamond blade. All too often these are coming from China and you can get your hands on those blades for that price – so don’t think it’s adding a great deal of value to the auction.

For the most part, saws that are 3-5 years old and are no longer running typically get $100-$150. Running saws tend to draw a price between $270 and $400. Newer (but still used) saws will get $450-$550, and “new in box” (NIB) saws tend to garner $550-$680. Shipping shouldn’t run anymore than $40. If it does, deduct that difference from what you’re willing to pay for the saw.

If you see a seller offering an opening bid price of $800 or more, ignore the auction. You can buy just about any saw new from a local dealer for $800-$850, so buying from an unknown person in an unknown place who can’t service your sale just doesn’t seem to make sense. Unless of course you live in a place where there are no local dealers.