Diamond Blade Selection and Use

When we bought our first brick saw, we used carbon blades exclusively. I had a small business, and couldn’t imagine spending $200-300 on a diamond blade, and I could pick up a box of 10 carbon blades for less than $100. That was many years ago, and I recognize that time as an exercise in lost productivity, with inferior blades and the time spent changing them out during a project.

Now I’d like to think we’re diamond blade connoisseurs, and the links on this page will take you to articles about how to choose the right blades for the material you’re cutting, and how to get the most out of the blades you buy. There’s also information about how diamond blades have evolved, from continuous rim to “turbo” segmented. So whether you have a used brick saw or new, tub saw or a walk-behind, you’ll be able to choose and use the right diamond blade.

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