Paver Saws | Concrete Saws Review

Paver Saws – Your information resource for masonry and concrete saws is a simple, straightforward site designed to help people involved in hardscaping, masonry or concrete work to select and buy the concrete saws best for their operations.

We’re not sponsored by any manufacturer (read our saw reviews for proof), distributor or supplier; it’s just a site put together by me, a guy that’s been involved in the hardscaping industry for almost two decades, and cutoff-type saws for about half of that time. This is an educational resource designed to help people in the fields of masonry or hardscaping research which type of concrete saw would be best for them.

You can look through our saw reviews to see which ranked highest in the areas you feel are important. We’ve also included a section on concrete saw maintenance, use and repair. Finally we’ve included a tutorial on diamond blade selection; not all blades are created equal, and you should know a little about the materials you’re cutting to select an appropriate blade.

New Reviews!

We recently added reviews for the Partner K950, the Partner K650, and the Wacker BTS 1035. Don’t buy your next saw without reading these reviews first!