Brick Saw Winterizing | Step 5 – Fuel System

Last but not least I go through the fuel system. I’ll admit that I’m not always good about changing the fuel filter, and have only done so every few years on our saws. Another part of the fuel tank is the breather that allows for pressure changes in the tank (that usually come from fuel being consumed). This can also get clogged with brick dust, so I’ll clean this out during the winterizing process by soaking it in a solvent or gasoline to allow air to find it’s way into the fuel tank.

Then I’ll fill the fuel tank and add fuel stabilizer. I like to run the saw for a few minutes after adding the stabilizer to make sure the stabilized fuel has made it through the fuel system, all the way to the carburetor. I’ve heard that in parts of the country where gasoline has been “oxygenated”, there are problems with letting fuel sit in the tank for more than a few weeks, and completely gummed carbs are sometimes the result. We don’t have that type of fuel in my market, so unfortunately I can’t speak to that problem at all.

Lastly I’ll reassemble anything that has not been put back together on the saw, wipe the saw down with a WD40-covered shop rag to give it that new saw look, then put it on it’s shelf and grab the next saw.