Winterizing Your Brick Saw

If you run your business anything like I run mine, you try to get your equipment in top shape before the construction season starts. When the construction season does start, you work like crazy trying to get as much work done as you can before the ground freezes again in winter, making MacGyver-like fixes on your saws until you have a chance to properly repair them at the end of the year. That’s how I’ve done it. Probably not the best way to go about it, but I just don’t have time to do it any other way. So winter provides me with the opportunity to go over our brick saws and our other tools carefully to spot anything that needs repair.

In the hopes that I can help you to keep your brick saws running for years, I’ll walk through the steps I follow in winterizing our saws. Follow the links below for each step. The saw being used in these steps is a Partner K700, but the steps are similar with the other saws we maintain.

Step 1 – Remove the air filter covers and filters, inspect and clean

Step 2 – Inspect and clean carburetor, cylinder, piston and engine exterior

Step 3 – Clutch, belt and pulleys

Step 4 – Pull cord assembly

Step 5 – Fuel system